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The Santafy Me! app

The Santafy Me! app is created and build by FrisBEE BV from the Netherlands. With the Santafy Me! app we wanted to present a showcase of the nice possibilities of a great iPad and iPhone app where you can edit pictures that you make or choose from the library.

The Christmas theme is a great opportunity to add objects like suites, reindeer hats and snowflakes to existing pictures so that you can look like Santa!

Dozens of Christmas themed objects are included in this app.

Step 1 - download the app

The first step is downloading the app in the appstore for only $ 0,99. The Santafy Me! app is a universal iPhone and iPad app, which will work on every iOS version or Apple device.

The Santafy Me! app icon

Homescreen of the Santafy Me! app

Step 2 - Start the app

When you have installed the app, you can start Santafying.

You can immediately start Santafying, by pushing the button take photo or choose an existing photo from the library.

You can also take a look on the pictures that other users have posted to the POLAR-oid Gallery. It downloads a random stack of pictures from the online Gallery, that you can swipe to see the next picture.

Easy add or remove objects from a picture in the Santafy Me! app

Santafy Me! - add objects

When you took a new picture with your camera or chose one from the library, you can easily add objects from the predefined categories. Dozens of Christmas themed objects are included in this app.

When you click on one of the objects they are placed on the picture, where you can drag, resize, rotate or bring an object to the front or rather to the back. When you have several objects in the picture, you can select each item and perform the preferred action.

When you are ready with editing, you can save it to the POLAR-oid Gallery so that your work is presented on the website www.santafyme.com. You can also share to Twitter, email or save the result on your own photo library.

The POLAR-oid Gallery

The POLAR-oid Gallery random reads a stack of saved images from the website www.santafyme.com and presents it in a cheery way.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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