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Tips on use of the Santafy Me! app

The Santafy Me! app should work on every Apple device and every iOS. When you need tips or tricks, please let us know or send in a bugreport.

Export icon
Choose Post to public Gallery from all the share possibilities in the Santafy Me app

Post your picture to POLARoid Gallery

When you want to post your created picture to our POLARoid Gallery and expose yourself Santafied to the World, you need to perform the following steps:

* take picture and start santafying
* when you are ready, click on the export icon (see right)
* from all the export possibilities, choose Post to public Gallery

Initial choice of installation method

When you haven downloaded the Santafy Me app, you get the initial choice to download the complete Christmas items Library or download only the low res thumbs.

When you choose Download images the complete Santafy Me! Library you will download around 80 MB of graphic files, so we advice you to do so only when you're on a WIFI-connection.

When you are on a 3G connection we advice to choose Quick start, you will download only the thumbs of all the items in the Santafy Me! Library. You can start using the app, only objects that you choose to add on the image will be downloaded.

When you chose the quick start option, it is easy to download all images when you are on a WIFI-connection. You can do so by clicking on the settings icon in the app. Turn pre-loaded images to on, to download all hi-ress Santafy Me items.

Change Settings in Santafy Me! app

Update of your Christmas item library

Once in every seven days the Santafy Me! app will check if your local iPone or iPad library of Christmas items is up to date and completely synchronised with the online Library. All new Christmas items will be downloaded to your device automatically.

You can also update the library on your device manually. When you click on the settings icon, you can update your Library so that your sure that you get all the latest added items!

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